Order Management


You will be able to find all existing orders in the Order Page. Orders that are created and unpaid will be shown here.

Paid Orders

All paid orders will be shown here and you will be able to find all payment transactions and individual Payment ID here.

Cancelled Orders

Orders that did not complete the ordering and payment process before Cut-Off time will be cancelled and shown here.

Add Products on Cart

If you turn the “Add Products on Cart” toggle on, customers will be able to see the items available to add into their cart.

You may also choose which items to be made available to customers by flipping the Visible Toggle Buttons. If all buttons are active, customer will be able to order all items.

In customer’s cart, click on “Add More Items” and they will be able to see the full list of available items.

Order Item

This table will show a list of order transactions by time. You may search for a specific product and it will show you the list of customers and also the price during the point of sale.

Minimum Order

When toggle is in-active, Customers have no minimum restrictions in ordering.

When toggle is active, Customers will not be able to cart out if the Sub-Total value is lesser than the Minimum Order Value.

Customers who did not hit minimum will receive a pop-up message box to notify them of the minimum order.

Order Cancel DateTime

When you set an active Cut-Off time, all unpaid orders will be cancelled and move into the Cancelled Orders tab.