Keywords Management

How to add keyword?

Click on the “+” button on the top right hand corner.

Fill in the Fields and click save!

What should I fill in for the Fields?

Description – Name of Item

Keyword  -The keyword code is what customer type to bid for the item

Price – Selling Price of the item

Stock – Available quantity to be sold

Max Quantity – To set a limit where a customer can only purchase a maximum limit of a certain item – If item set at 1, one user can only purchase one. If there is no limit to how many one customers can purchase, you may set Max Quantity amount to be the same as Stock.

Reply Message – This is a return message in short text, elaborating more about an item. More commonly used as an extra description, only customer who bidded for this item will be able to see.

What is Allow Repeated Bidding? 

If  toggle is turned on, customer can bid ABC +1 for 10 times and have 10 ABC in cart. If toggle is turned off, no matter how many times customer bid for ABC+1, they will only have 1 ABC in cart.

What is Opening Cart for Offline Purchases?

If toggle is turned on, customer will be able to create cart via their member account. If toggle is turned on, customer will not be able to create cart via their member account, the only way is to bid via LIVE.

How do I edit Details?

Click on the item you wish to edit, then click on the pencil logo at the top right corner of the keyword table. Make the edit and click save!

How to Export Orders and what can I do with Export Keyword Function?

Click on the “Export Keyword” on the top right hand corner button to export.

You will have an overview of the sales item and sales volume in a downloaded Excel sheet format. From there, you may generate a sales report from this file.