Points Management

Earn Points System

To activate the points system, simply add a logic in, toggle the status to active and save. To de-activate, delete, toggle status to in-active and save.

The logic above is explained below:

Orders $0 – $49 => No points 

Orders $50 – $99 => x0.5 point

Orders $100 – $199 => x1 point

Orders $200 – $299 => x2 points

Orders $300 and above = > x3 points

E.g; Customer spends $30, no points awarded. Customer spends $88, 44 points awarded. Customer spends $180, 180 points awarded. Customer spends $233, 466 points awarded. Customer spends $300, 900 points awarded.

Redeem Points System

Redeem Minimum Order Amount – When this is set and status is active, the option for user to select points offset will be available only if the cart amount is above the minimum order amount. 

This is the page where you can set the amount user can redeem. In the above example, user can redeem in blocks of 1000 points. 

User can select the amount by clicking on the drop down box in their shopping cart. 

Exchange Point System

This is where you set the value of points. In the above example, every 100 points equates to $1.